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Gwen Cole with an orange headband and a tshirt that reads you matter. (a lot)

Hi, I'm Gwen

and I'm Thrilled You're Here!

My passion is people. I am confident that all of us have unique and valuable gifts that the world needs more of. My passion is helping you understand what those gifts are so you can live a life of confidence and fulfillment.


As a seasoned Talent Acquisition Executive and Certified Professional Coach, I have more than 12 years of experience supporting individuals with their personal and professional development.

If you need a cheerleader, a mentor, a "come to Jesus" talk, or someone to encourage you, push you, and truly listen to you... I'm your gal! 

I've successfully built robust recruitment divisions from the ground up for startups and public and private companies. I love strategy and excel at leading initiatives that transform organizational culture through recruiting and retaining top talent.


  • I served as Vice President of Talent Acquisition building the first recruitment division for a $2B revenue, 20k+ employee global healthcare organization. In 18 months, the team saved $7.5M in potential agency spent, filled 1,500+ roles, and achieved 96% on New Hire and Hiring Leader satisfaction surveys. 

  • I spearheaded the development and execution of recruitment divisions for specialty pharmacy startups throughout the nation, helping scale up to 750% in 5 years.

My extensive HR and Recruitment background helps me guide your career journey, from resume writing, to rocking interviews, negotiating offers, and continuing to thrive in your new role.

Gwen Cole sitting on stairs holding a coffee and a in a shirt that reads People Over Profit

About my Career

Gwen Cole leaning against a brick wall with her harms folded
Gwen Cole Life + Career Coach Circle Logo

I was a corporate ladder climber for many years and it broke me. The ongoing list of unrealistic expectations led to stress and anxiety which poorly affected my physical, mental, and spiritual health. But that's not the end of the story! (Thank God).


At the end of 2021, I chose to step away from "Corporate America" and become a coach. I learned so much and have experienced incredible joy and freedom through this transition. If you're ready, I'd love to help you do the same.

I teach you...

- How to set appropriate boundaries (in life and work).

- How to say "no" without needing to list a reason why.

- How to reframe negative thoughts and into positive ones.

- How to extend yourself grace, celebrate your giftings, and embrace who you were made to me.

- How to go from surviving to THRIVING!

About my Journey

I live in the beautiful state of Colorado where I get a view of the mountains every day. I'm the youngest of 3 girls, an auntie to the cutest nieces and nephew, the girlfriend to a hot mountain man, and mama to Sheldon Cooper, my 6 pound chihuahua who thinks he's the size of a Saint Bernard. I'm a deep thinker, a confidant, a belly laugher, a documentary lover, and a newly found adventurer and risk-taker. 

I believe in the power of words of affirmation. Some of my workplace awards are proof of this:

  • "Best Cheerleader"

  • "Little Miss Sunshine"

  • "Sunshine Award (aka Employee of the Year")... are you sensing a theme here?


I enjoy knowing what makes people tick so that I can communicate with them in meaningful and impactful ways. At the end of every interaction, my hope is that you feel seen, heard, and valued. May you feel confident in who you are excited about what your future holds.

The Fun Stuff

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woman sitting on the top of a mountain looking out over the horizon


Recreate your Life

Once you take the first step,  you'll never look back.

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